Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Lock Sportscast episode 4: The Value of Community

Episode 4: The Value of Community

In this week’s episode:
Andy Mac’s YouTube channel deleted.
Community members collaborating to make a challenge lock.
The value of the locksport community.
Another new black belt picker

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this episode. And to everyone that has shared this podcast with others.  It really helps. 

If you feel you are getting value from this show, please help us by supporting the show in one of the following ways.
Help me make this podcast a resource for the community by sending me any news or information you would like to share.  Share anything you have that is locksport related, even if you don’t think it’s important. It might just be the bit of info I needed. If not, no harm done.
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Contact Information
Reddit: currentc57 on r/locksport
Discord: Lockpickers United as Current, Extraordinary League of Pickers as Current, CBC as Current

The locksport rules: 
     Rule 1: never pick a lock that you don’t own or do not have permission to pick. 
     Rule 2: do not pick locks that you rely on or that are in use

Remember this podcast can’t exist without your support.
Please keep sending in your news, links and giveaways.

Recent stories related to locksport:
Buyer’s Guide: Padlocks

Community News:
Andy MAC’s YouTube channel deleted last week.
He created a new channel. But lost all his videos and had to start from scratch again.
Please go subscribe to his new channel and subscribe.
You can check what apps have access to your google account and remove access at
If suspect your account has been hacked or hijacked, check out these links

Lockmania taking a break from locksport videos.

RoonPicker, GeorgiaJim, and PickingPatriot, are all working on a handmade challenge lock that will be picked by Mr. Paradise.
Georgia Jim
Mr. Paradise

The Value of Community:
Link to my Reddit post and the responses

Starrylock on YouTube
Weekly #shoutoutMonday where I highlight a channel with fewer than 100 subscribers and then try to incentivize people to subscribe to that channel by having a monthly giveaway of a 20GBP gift certificate from Law Lock Tools. Likely easier for you to watch one of the giveaways then try to explain how a winner is chosen.

Charles Builds Crap
Paclock a Month giveaway

Content for this episode provided by:
Roonpicker on YouTube
Mogzy on YouTube and discord
HelpfulLockpicker on YouTube
Starrylock on YouTube
And for the comments left on my Reddit Post

Special Thanks to:
South Hampton Lock Picking Club for the Topic Idea

State of the podcast:
Remember this podcast needs your support. 
I’m having fun doing this. So, I’ve paid for a year of hosting in advance and I registered for the podcast.
Since I’m trying to make this a weekly podcast, I’m currently having to spend time researching and creating a weekly topic to keep it to about 30 min and hopefully keep it interesting. With the amount of time that takes, I may have to temporarily suspend making my YouTube locksport videos until I can streamline my workflow.  This just feels like it has more purpose than what I was doing on YouTube.  If that happens, I will have to decide whether to suspend the PAM giveaways or try to move them to the podcast somehow.

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