Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Lock Sportscast 2: Breaking Rules and Getting the Belt

This podcast is now available on YouTube, the locksport rules, a locksporter breaks them, the Lockpicking karate belt system, a new black belt picker and more giveaways.

Please help me make this podcast a resource for the community by sending me any news or information you would like to share.

Contact Information
Reddit: currentc57 on r/locksport
Discord: Lockpickers United as Current, Extraordinary League of Pickers as Current, CBC as Current

There is now a YouTube channel “The Lock Sportscast” hosting the podcast.

The locksport rules:
Rule 1: never pick a lock that you don’t own or do not have permission to pick.
Rule 2: do not pick locks that you rely on or that are in use

Paris' unlikely ‘superhero’ is saving people from confinement by picking the locks on parks.

2 arrested, police searching for victims after stolen items, meth, book on lock picking found in car in Happy Valley

Feds charge Washington state man for smashing Wilmington police car during Floyd protest

Karate Belts:
An explanation of the lockpicking karate belt system.
A new black belt picker. Mogzy on YouTube

Discord Stuff:
UK discord server called “UK locksport”
-You can get an invite to the Lockpickers United discord on the r/lockpicking

-You can find an invite to the Extraordinary league by checking out the Dark Arts Lock Picking YouTube channel. The invite is in the description of his videos.
- You are invited to join the CBC Discord server

-Lockmania on YouTube is getting close to 750 subs which is his next giveaway milestone.

-Starrylock on YouTube is having 2 giveaways

- #IWantStarrysDimples giveaway running until the end of the day on the 18th.

- a weekly feature #shoutoutMonday where he highlights a channel with fewer than 100 subscribers and incentivizes people to subscribe to that channel by having a monthly giveaway of a 20GBP gift certificate from Law Lock Tools.

- 2020 Paclock A Month giveaway on my YouTube channel, Charles Builds Crap

Content for this episode provided by:
HeavyMetalBadger via Discord
Lockmania on YouTube
Starrylock on YouTube
r/lockpicking on Reddit

Special Thanks to:
Southampton Lock Picking Club on YouTube
Dark Arts Lock Picking on YouTube

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