Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Lock Sportscast Episode 3: What is Locksport

Episode 3: What is Locksport

In this week’s episode:
More news of criminals with picks.
What is locksport and activities does it encompass?
A couple interesting projects by the lockpicking subreddit members.

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Contact Information
Reddit: currentc57 on r/locksport
Discord:  Lockpickers United as Current, Extraordinary League of Pickers as Current,  CBC as Current 

The locksport rules:  
     Rule 1: never pick a lock that you don’t own or do not have permission to pick.  
     Rule 2: do not pick locks that you rely on or that are in use

State of the podcast
Thank you to everyone that contributed to this episode. And to everyone that has shared this podcast
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Women facing breaking and entering, theft charges

What is “locksport”?
Picking locks just for the fun of it
Lock picking competitions
Disassembling and repinning locks
Challenge lock making and picking
Making cutaway locks
Decoding combination locks
Safe cracking
Tool making
Non destructive bypass methods
Destructive bypass methods
Designing and making new types of locks
Key impressioning 
Researching lock history 
Collecting locks

For decoding combination locks, check out Potti314 on YouTube
For beautiful cutaway locks, check out Supallama on YouTube

Interesting projects from the lockpicking Reddit:

LethalogicaX - made a 3D printed lock
Reddit Post 
YouTube channel

Grain ORice - Safe lock manipulation and picking 
YouTube channel
Reddit Post


RoonPicker on YouTube 

Starrylock on YouTube

Charles Builds Crap

Content for this episode provided by:
Starrylock on YouTube
LethalogicaX on YouTube
Flashingflamez on Reddit
Logos_Lock on Reddit

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