Custom Commisions

What is a commission?

Custom commissions are an opportunity for you to have an idea brought to reality by an artist.  It's a collaboration between the artist and the client.  You know what you like, maybe have a specific concept in mind.  The artist provides the talent to turn that idea into a work of art.

How does the commission process work?

1. Choosing an artist: 
Every artist has a different style.  Don't settle for the first artist you find.  Take your time and look at several artists and their previous work.  It's best to find an artist with a style that reflects what you are looking for and who is experienced in producing sculptures in the material and size you desire.

2. Contacting the artist:
When you contact the artist you need to be able to communicate your vision and expectations.
What size do you want the piece to be?
What type of materials do you want it made of?  Is it going to be scrap metal, tools, new steel, aluminium, brass, wood, etc. or some combination?
What is your budget?  This is an important point, be realistic.  The artist may be able to work with you to select materials and adjust size as needed to fit your budget.
What is your deadline?  Be realistic on this point, too.  A rushed commission is likely to be a negative experience for both the client and artist.
If possible, provide the artist with some sketches or photographs to help them see your vision.  Don't be embarrassed, even a crude line drawing may be extremely helpful to the artist.

3. The quote:
The artist will give you a quote for the piece.  This will include the cost, approximate date work will start and approximate time to complete.  The dates are contingent on prompt payment to hold the start date and prompt response to the artists questions during the creation of the piece.  The quote is contingent on there not being any significant changes during the creation process.

4. Payment up front:
If you accept the quote, you will need to pay the artist.  Some artists require full payment up front, some only require partial payment to start and the balance to collect the piece.

5. Creation of the piece:
Once payment is made and the start date has arrived, the artist will begin work on the piece.  There should be some communication between the artist and the client.  Photographs of the work in progress and/or status updates and possibly some questions.  Just remember that if you try to micro manage the project or change direction part way through it could create significant delays and or cost increases.

6. Delivery:
Once the piece is complete and paid for in full, the artist will have it shipped to the client.

7. Installation:
If the piece needs to be installed, the client will need to employ and oversee the necessary craftsman.

Please understand that this process may vary between artists and because each piece is unique.

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